FIMSA 2021 8th FIMSA Congress


Activities & Attraction

Marine Leisure Theme


Busan is on the map as a destination for sailing enthusiasts from all over the world

Songjeong Beach

Songjeong Beach serves as the nesting ground for Busan’s surfing community, where surfers catch waves along the pristine, uncrowded shore. Songjeong’s natural beauty also makes it an ideal place to enjoy the scenery while windsur??ing, jet skiing, or heading out for an afternoon in a sea kayak.

Gwangalli Beach

Gwangalli has become the most popular place for marine sports. Rentals for windsurf boards, sea kayaks, Jet Skis, surf boards, and a few things you never even knew existed, are all available on the beach’s west shore. The east shore offers mini-yacht rentals for a casual afternoon of light rowing.

Busan Yacht Club

The Busan Yacht Club is set among the towering skyscrapers of the magni??icent Marine City, making it an impressive place from which to begin any ocean journey. It houses eight slips with capacity for 200 yachts, sailboats, and catamarans, making it the largest marina in Korea.

Spectator Sports Theme

Games are more than just sporting events-they are open-air parties

Asiad Stadium

The centerpiece for athletic events is Asiad Stadium, which was constructed for the 2002 Asian Games. The stadium also hosted several games during the soccer World Cup that same year. The looming, circular white structure has a capacity of over 53,000 and conjures up images of a futuristic world.
Asiad Stadium has been used primarily as a soccer venue, but these days it has gained new popularity as the setting for Busan’s One-Asia Festival which is a celebration of «Hanryu,» otherwise known as the «Korean Wave».

Baseball Team ‘Lotte Giants’

Nothing says «Busan» like the ‘Lotte Giants’ baseball team. The Giants make their home in Sajik Stadium, which boasts the largest capacity in the Korean Baseball Organization. Since opening in 1985, Sajik has become a second home to over 30,000 of the biggest baseball fans on the Peninsula.
Lotte Giants games are more than just sporting events: they are open-air parties enjoyed by old-time residents and visitors alike. Pack a picnic or enjoy a big box of chicken at the stadium.

Medical Specialties Theme

Take care of yourself in the Busan medical tourism industry

Seomyeon Medical Street

In the heart of Busan you’ll find Seomyeon Medical Street, an avenue (along with surrounding streets) of dozens of clinics specializing in state-of-the-art medical and aesthetic procedures.

Oriental Medicine Experience

Oriental medicine clinics offer various treatments, such as acupuncture and herbal cures, to cure a multitude of ailments, strengthen the immune system, and even aid in weight loss.


After a busy day of shopping, hiking, or sightseeing, a massage is the perfect way to unwind and recharge. Day spas, large saunas, and hotels all offer a variety of massage services from professional and well-trained practitioners.

Nightlife Theme

In Korea, there is no mandatory last call or closing time


Haeundae Beach is the most famous beach in Korea, and as such, the Haeundae area attracts big crowds every night of the week, especially during the summer months. Restaurants, bars, and nightclubs are spread throughout Haeundae, all within a 10-minute walk from each other. Spend the evening hours in the busiest tourist destination in Busan, and inish the night off with a walk along the famous Haeundae Beach.
ghout Haeundae, all within a 10-minute walk from each other. Spend the evening hours in the busiest tourist destination in Busan, and finish the night off with a walk along the famous Haeundae Beach.


Seomyeon is the central entertainment district for locals and tourists alike. There are countless shops, restaurants, and bars that are bustling with patrons every night of the week. Seomyeon is a great area for anyone looking to enjoy a night on the town, with no shortage of beer pubs, dance clubs, and noraebang (singing rooms) to choose from.
Gwangalli Gwangalli is most famous for its impressive evening view of the Gwangan Bridge. The bridge’s famous lighting system provides a perfect backdrop for a night out. Gwangalli has countless restaurants, cafes and bars overseeing the ocean in the area and is a great place to spend a night on the town.

Beyond BUSAN

Whether ancient palaces, volcanic islands, or mountains take their fancy, delegates can find delightful and memorable experiences — all within three hours or less from Busan.

Ancient Palace, Gyeongju

Gyeongju is the old capital of the Silla Kingdom, one of the Three Dynasties of Korea, with a 992-year history. The city is now referred to as «the museum without walls» and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in South Korea, especially for visitors who are interested in the cultural heritage of the Silla dynasty and the architecture of the Joseon dynasty. In November 2000, the Gyeongju Historic area was designated as a UNESCO World Cultural Heritage site for containing «a remarkable concentration of outstanding examples of Korean Buddhist art, in the form of sculptures, reliefs, pagodas, and the remains of temples and palaces from the lowering culture of Silla dynasty, in particular between the 7th and 10th century.»

Volcanic Island, Jeju

Jeju Island, also known as the «Island of the Gods,» is a popular vacation spot for Koreans and foreign tourists. It remains the top honeymoon destination for Korean newlyweds. Despite attempts to market the island as «the Hawaii of Korea,» climatologically and geographically it bears little in similarity to the Hawaiian Islands of the U.S. The island offers visitors a wide range of activities: hiking on Halla-san (South Korea’s highest peak) or Olle-gil (road), catching sunrises and sunsets over the ocean, riding horses, touring all the locales from a favorite television K-drama, or just relaxing on the sandy beaches.

Mountain in Korea, Jirisan

Jirisan is the second-tallest mountain in Korea, and its highest peak, Cheonwangbong, which means «King of Heaven Peak», rises to 1,915 meters above sea level. There are seven major Buddhist temples on Jirisan. Among these, Hwaeomsa is the largest and best-known. It contains several national treasures, mostly stone artworks from about 600?900 CE. The mountain is also home to the Cheonghak-dong (Azure Crane Village) alpine valley, which includes the Samseonggung (Three Sages Palace), which is a site celebrating one of Korea’s foundation myths.

Around BUSAN

What’s your dream trip to Korea? Imagine your Korea!

Signature Korea

Gyeongbokgung Palace, meaning «Greatly Blessed»,
was the irst and largest of the Five Grand Palaces in Seoul. Here, visitors can get a taste of the elegant royal culture of Joseon. Geunjeongjeon Hall, the symbol of royal authority and a venue for of icial events, and Gyeonghoeru Pavilion, a place for banquets, are the main attractions of the palace.


Historic Korea

The Temple of Haeinsa, on Mount Gaya, is home to the Tripitaka Koreana, the most complete collection of Buddhist texts, engraved on 80,000 woodblocks between 1237 and 1248. The buildings of Janggyeong Panjeon, which date from the 15th century, were constructed to house the woodblocks, which are also revered as exceptional works of art. As the oldest depository of the Tripitaka, they reveal astonishing craftsmanship.

Fantasy Korea

The tranquil forest of bamboos at Juknokwon (Bamboo Garden), Damyang, will welcome everyone who needs a rest. The forest was built by the people of Damyang on the Seonginsan Mountain to commemorate the importance of bamboo in Korean culture. Walk along the bamboo forest of Damyang in South Jeolla Province to relax, see beautiful sights, and enjoy great food. Indulge in the beauty at one of CNN’s top 50 places to visit in Korea!

Adventure Korea

If you are the active explorer type who likes challenges and adventure, of all the ways to enjoy Korea, we recommend «Adventure Korea.» The Namiseom Zip Wire is an eco-friendly leisure facility. It is one of the largest zipline facilities in Asia. Riders start from an 80 meter-high tower and zoom down along a wire cable to Jaraseom (640 m away) or Namiseom (940 m away). Zip Wire ride is thrilling but at the same time it allows you to enjoy the beautiful mountains of Gangwondo.

Social Program

The proposed social program for FIMSA201 guarantees outstanding networking opportunities and a lot of fun throughout the week.
The functions planned for FIMSA201 promise delegates a unique perspective on some of the stunning locations in Busan along with a taste of Korean food and makgeolli (chilled, fermented rice wine).

The welcome reception will be held on the Sunday evening prior to the commencement of the congress, at BEXCO. This will be an excellent opportunity to renew old friendships and make new acquaintances as we welcome delegates to our city.

We intend to have the gala dinner at Busan Cinema Center where is the centerpiece of the Busan International Film Festival — this is destined to be the social highlight of the congress. The gala dinner will feature a unique opportunity to immerse delegates in a social experience that this city is so famous for ??fabulous food and beverages in a beautiful and relaxed environment, all in one locale.

Activities for students and early-career researchers will be organized to allow friendships and collaborations to grow in an informal relaxed setting at one of the many bars in Busan.

Accompanying guests will have the chance to treat themselves to an array of optional tours and experience the best that Busan has to offer.

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